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To Catch A Cop- Book one of the To catch series by Elle Druskin

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"You have some nerve,” I fumed. “That’s a violation of private space. Where do you come off with the audacity to search my office?”

“I have every right,” he answered easily. “This is a suspicious death and don’t forget it because I haven’t. I did discover something else. You don’t remember numbers. Lots of hidden scraps of paper with your pass code allover the place. Quite a filing system you have in there. Sort of like a squirrel hiding food for the winter, aye? You might be interested to know that I was born in Dundee. My family came out here when I was thirteen. I’ll even put on my kilt for you if you really want to know what a Scotsman wears underneath.”

The sexual implication was all too clear even if his tone was light. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through a hole in the floor or dare him to haul out the kilt. What was wrong with me? My brain must be fried from the temperature. Or MacKinnon. I had a deep suspicion it was the latter.

His teasing coupled with the notion that someone had searched through my things without my express permission riled me thoroughly. I felt violated, as if I’d been touched without permission. The man had raped my office. He knew private things about me. Things that embarrassed me. I opened my mouth to speak but before the words were out, he rose from his seat in one swift graceful movement and stood beside me.

“My turn to ask a question. You’re nervous again. Are you always this way or is it just around me? You’re not very good at hiding it. It shows on your face. Do you have anything else you’re trying to hide?”

©2010 Elle Druskin

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